Immolation on tour in Europe

It’s official. Immolation, one of the greatest Death Metal bands today will go on a European tour starting very soon- Vader will be the co-headliner of the tour, as well as Melechesh from Sumeria and Azarath from Poland. After they’re done with their N. America tour, it’s time to conquer European stages as well. Since their new album, Atonement, was released it was expected that this type of tour will be announced sometimes soon. The tour will start in Munich, Germany and it will have 22 concerts in less than a month. We’re sure this extreme rhythm of performances will exhaust the band members, but European fans have a lot to look forward to. This autumn they will have a chance to see and hear something they’ve been missing for so many years.

Here you can find the timetable to the concerts on European Tour:

07.09. D Munich – Backstage
08.09. CH Hüttikon – Meh Suff! Metal Festival
09.09. F Paris – Fall of Summer Festival
10.09. B Roeselare – De Verlichte Geest
11.09. D Oberhausen – Helvete
13.09. TBC
14.09. TBC
15.09. I Brescia – Corcolo Colony
16.09. I San Dona di Piave – Revolver Club
17.09. SRB Belgrade – Dom Omladine
18.09. RO Bucharest – Fabrica
19.09. RO Cluj-Napoca – Flying Circus
20.09. H Budapest – Dürer Kert
21.09. SK Bratislava – Randal Club
22.09. CZ Prague – Nová Chmelnice
23.09. SK Kosice – Collosseum
24.09. CZ Ostrava – Barrak
26.09. PL Krakow – ZetPeTe
27.09. PL Wroclaw – Pralnia
28.09. PL Gdynia – Ucho
29.09. PL Warsaw – Proxima
30.09. S Hultsfred – Mörkaste Småland* (*only the Immolation band will perform this day)

Slikovni rezultat za immolation europe
The poster to the European Tour announced

We’re very looking forward to the concerts, so we’re doing our best to get some tickets we would give away to our readers from Europe. Please stay tuned so you can get all the info about the Tour and the tickets in time. In the meantime, you can listen to all of the songs from the latest album on the band’s official web page. They’re even preparing some music videos for the songs soon!