Concert tickets giveaway!

As we’ve already announced earlier, the European Immolation Tour has just started, and we managed to get some tickets for the main concert events to share with you guys. We have a total of 4 tickets for the show in Munich, which we will give away in 2 batches of 2 tickets, so every one of our lucky winners gets to bring someone along to enjoy this music spectacle together.

So, how to apply to our giveaway? First, if you’re reading this you’re on the right place. What to do next? First, subscribe to our newsletter because that way we’ll announce the lucky winners to the tickets we’re giving away. Then, after subscribing you will get a generic email with the link you will have to follow in order to participate and leave your contact info into the form provided. We will pick two winners using and will contact them via email. The same winners will be announced in our newsletter emails and have a chance to bring someone with them to this concert of the year!

Slikovni rezultat za immolation concert
A photo from the concert spectacle by Immolation


Every person can only apply for a prize once. Only the applications with the full contact info provided will be considered.

The contacted winner needs to get back to Us in 72 hours after the official announcement via Newsletter, or else the new winner will be picked and contacted.

By entering this contest, you agree to this terms and conditions.

All the further info about getting the actual tickets will be sent to you after the confirmation email to us. You will have to show a valid proof of identity when getting the tickets.


But that’s not it! For our 2 lucky winners, we will also enable a short meet’n’greet with their favourite band in Munich after the spectacular show. Can you think of a better way to spend a weekend than with your favourite musicians? Because we’re sure we can’t. We are looking forward to your applications and wish you all the best of luck with winning the tickets.

Immolation on tour in Europe

It’s official. Immolation, one of the greatest Death Metal bands today will go on a European tour starting very soon- Vader will be the co-headliner of the tour, as well as Melechesh from Sumeria and Azarath from Poland. After they’re done with their N. America tour, it’s time to conquer European stages as well. Since their new album, Atonement, was released it was expected that this type of tour will be announced sometimes soon. The tour will start in Munich, Germany and it will have 22 concerts in less than a month. We’re sure this extreme rhythm of performances will exhaust the band members, but European fans have a lot to look forward to. This autumn they will have a chance to see and hear something they’ve been missing for so many years.

Here you can find the timetable to the concerts on European Tour:

07.09. D Munich – Backstage
08.09. CH Hüttikon – Meh Suff! Metal Festival
09.09. F Paris – Fall of Summer Festival
10.09. B Roeselare – De Verlichte Geest
11.09. D Oberhausen – Helvete
13.09. TBC
14.09. TBC
15.09. I Brescia – Corcolo Colony
16.09. I San Dona di Piave – Revolver Club
17.09. SRB Belgrade – Dom Omladine
18.09. RO Bucharest – Fabrica
19.09. RO Cluj-Napoca – Flying Circus
20.09. H Budapest – Dürer Kert
21.09. SK Bratislava – Randal Club
22.09. CZ Prague – Nová Chmelnice
23.09. SK Kosice – Collosseum
24.09. CZ Ostrava – Barrak
26.09. PL Krakow – ZetPeTe
27.09. PL Wroclaw – Pralnia
28.09. PL Gdynia – Ucho
29.09. PL Warsaw – Proxima
30.09. S Hultsfred – Mörkaste Småland* (*only the Immolation band will perform this day)

Slikovni rezultat za immolation europe
The poster to the European Tour announced

We’re very looking forward to the concerts, so we’re doing our best to get some tickets we would give away to our readers from Europe. Please stay tuned so you can get all the info about the Tour and the tickets in time. In the meantime, you can listen to all of the songs from the latest album on the band’s official web page. They’re even preparing some music videos for the songs soon!


Immolation releases new song and reveal album details!

Immolation’s new album is, according to tabloids, gonna be a huge hit when released. It is already know the album’s name will be Atonement and some of the song trailers are already available online for you to hear. The band is very excited to announce the release date is soon! Milbrook Sound Studios is the place where the whole album was recorded and was completely produces by Paul Orofino and mastered by Zach Ohren. What we’ve heard of the album tells us it’s a very dark and haunting album with strong music and lyrics combined in one. The songs mostly comment on the darker side of humanity of both people and the world. Every of the total of eleven songs is quite unique and offering the best to the fans and listeners.

The cover song (which is called the same as the album, Atonement) sings about destructive religious extremism. The theme was the some for the cover image. The first song that was available to the audience was Destructive Currents and it is the first song from the whole album. Both the music and the lyrics are dark, strong and powerful. It is quite aggressive and fast so the fans love it.

Slikovni rezultat za immolation atonement
The cover of the Atonement album was made by Pär Olofsson

»Atonement« track listing:

01. The Distorting Light
02. When The Jackals Come
03. Fostering The Divide
04. Rise The Heretics
05. Thrown To The Fire
06. Destructive Currents
07. Lower
08. Atonement
09. Above All
10. The Power Of Gods
11. Epiphany
Bonus Track (CD only):
12. Immolation (re-recorded)

All in all, we can say that this album is a great monument of the past 28 years the band spent creating and recording. The album is fresh and new, but still a great picture of what the band truly was and still is. We can’t wait to get our copy in stores as soon as it is out!